Kaboom!Press: "The Baxters" and "Animation Brunch"/James J.A. Mercer

July 26, 2013
8 PM

Kaboom!Press branched out from book production to spearhead the production of "Movies Made In A Month" in the 2000s. This project aimed to create narrative films using a studio model with actors, director, and script. "The Baxters" is a supernatural thriller about a house and family under attack. Robust performances (including Tyson Reeder as a skateboarder fightng for survival), dubious costuming, extensive use of greenscreen, 16mm-film subtitles, and hilarious dialogue--- all these are elements which make "The Baxters" an amazing and bizarre cinematic experience.


"Animation Brunch" is an anthology of short and wild collaborative animations by Kaboom!Press, Pretzelworld, Mike Diana, Ron Rege Jr., Kyle Lapidus, Patrick Hambrecht and others. Like Movies Made in A Month, Animation Brunch was edited and produced as a DVD by Kaboom!Press in the early 2000s.


James J.A. Mercer is an artist, animator and electronic musician based in Brooklyn, who creates science-fiction movies with Photoshop. DIY dream epics, as narratively engrossing as an episode of Aeon Flux, but with a visual overload sensibility perhaps akin to Forcefield or James Whitney, Mercer's films are completely unique in any universe.


Screening Program:

STARGATE-SG47719, James J.A. Mercer.

Morris, James J.A. Mercer.

Animation Brunch, Kaboom!Press/Pretzelworld.

The Baxters, M.M.I.A.M./Kaboom!Press/Pretzelworld.

---With introductory theremin performance by Inju Rockmore.